Pocket Fingers

Forget pocket squares.
Pocket Fingers are here to stay.

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Update: Facebook Banned Our Ad!

So apparently our adorable little figures are considered too ‘profane’ for Facebook. I guess we’re indeed too much to handle. We did an appeal anyway, check out our chat with Facebook here. And we did a new ad with a honorable mention. We’re officially the ‘Fashion Statement Facebook Can’t Handle“.

The Hero In Your Pocket

When better time for the amazing, wonderful, groundbreaking Pocket Middle Finger? No courage to speak to the girl you love? Need a listening ear? Stressed out from work? The Zombores & gang will be here for you. He will be your most loyal partner. She will be your most avid follower. Maybe the guy from outer space can be your new adviser. Never feel alone again. Never feel unloved again. They will be closest to your heart (like literally, when you put them in your shirt pocket), cheering for you. Get the attention you deserve when people realize how awesome you are with a message hidden in your pocket.

Personalize with your own message

Everyone has a message. Use a non permanent marker to personalize it in your own words. Easily erase and write a new message anytime. We guarantee your new pocket finger will be 100% rooting for your cause.

Blaze with the ultimate fashion statement

No human in the right mind would be able to resist checking you out. Not when there’s literally a head popping out of your pocket. Use it to start conversations. Blow everyone off. Your pocket finger will be rooting for you!

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Raving Reviews

David H.

I wrote “Let’s hang out” on my Dick Veeder and asked my crush to pull it from my shirt pocket. She was utterly amazed! I got laid…a slap on my face. She threatened to call the police too. Not quite what I expected but still totally worth it.

David H.Satisfied customer
Michelle K.

I got Yappy Mika in my pocket and told mum it’s a replica of her. She pulled it out and it says ‘Mum’. Now I have a bruised cheek.  I must say pocket fingers totally rock. It brought my mum and I closer together.

Michelle K.Satisfied customer
Chris S.

I brought Richie to the club and people can’t help but ask what’s inside my pocket. I asked them to pull it out every time and it says “Single & Available”. I’m still single and available, but I felt like the most popular guy in the club that day.

Chris S.Satisfied customer
Jonas Y.

My lecturer told me to submit my assignment. I told him to pull Henry Mika from my pocket. It says ‘Nope, not a chance.” Now I’m on my way to becoming the next Bill Gates.

Jonas Y.Satisfied customer
Susan P.

My friends thought Sassy was cute even though it’s literally flipping a finger at them. They say I’m just like her. I’m so flattered.

Susan P.Satisfied customer
Devin A.

I told my girlfriend Pearlie looks just like her. I’m going to bring her everywhere I go. She pulls it out one day and it says “Will you marry me?” Now I’m the happiest man alive.

Devin A.Satisfied customer