Terms & Conditions

  • You may NOT use our product(s) to threaten, constitute harassment, violate a legal restraint, or any other unlawful purpose. The customer agrees the products on this site are novelty products for entertainment ONLY and that is their only intention. The owner of this site, zombore.com, liability to the customer is limited to the price of the product. Customers ordering any items from this site agree to release the owner of this site, zombore.com, its agents, officers, and employees of any and all liability associated with the use of our products.
  • You must be 18 years old to purchase and recipient must be over the age of 18.
  • You may not send a gift to any person or organization you do not personally know, this includes famous individuals, politicians and companies.
  • All content on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not use our product(s) for any other reason than as a novelty gift and for amusement purposes only. If you are sending the item(s) to someone else and not 100% sure the recipient will understand the novelty of the item, DO NOT SEND.
  • All products are 9cm wide, 15.3cm tall and might not fit in all pockets.  Do check your pocket’s dimensions if you intend to purchase our products as pocket fashion accessories. Zombore will not be responsible if any of our products do not fit in any medium of your choice.